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1 These general conditions apply to all contracts concluded with the hotel Trifthof, provided they meet the characteristics of the AGBG. They can be partially replaced by the single case negotiated conditions.

2. The customer or guest assume all risk of liability for goods or materials, which he left in communal areas, in this or in technical facilities of the hotel.

In the room, liability can only be applied if it is personal property of the customer that he needs at the time of effective use of the room. The liability must here be limited to the permissible amount. Valuables such as jewelry, cash, fur coats, etc. must be deposited with the hotel reception, with a separate storage contract is concluded with an authorized person. The hotel's liability for valuables not deposited is excluded.

3. All prices and agreements are in EURO. For foreign currencies are known, this serves only to non-binding orientation based on the time of publication applicable exchange rate.

4. If the customer is a car parking space on the hotel parking lot - will be made available, thereby explicitly no custody agreement - even if a fee. There is no obligation to monitor the hotel.


1. A contract has been concluded, if the order has followed an identical promise. Hotel accommodation is the Accommodation Agreement (guest contract) also come about as if the room was made available without prior consent. The completion of the Accommodation Agreement commits both parties to fulfill the contract was completed the same regardless of the duration of the contract. The contract can not be solved unilaterally.

2. Reserved rooms are available on arrival from 15.00 to 11.00 on departure day clock and clock available. If a later arrival time is not explicitly agreed, the hotel is entitled to allocate the reserved rooms from 18.00 clock otherwise.

3. The reported rates are inclusive of VAT and service charges, and relate to the performance period of one day.

4. The invoice amount is due immediately upon receipt of the bill in cash without deduction.

5. The acceptance of credit cards is the hotel in any case exempt, regardless of the Checked items are generally accepted references. The acceptance of credit cards, checks and other means of payment processing only. The maturity of the cash is not the acceptance of this payment affected.

6. If the period between conclusion and use of the service four months, and changes to the performance of the price charged, may be the agreed price accordingly, but are up by 10%. A change in the applicable rate of VAT, then the agreed price will change accordingly.

7. Refunds paid but unused services or partial services is not possible.

8. If payment is delayed, the hotel is entitled to charge an interest rate of 4% above the current Federal Bank discount rate.

9. If the invoice amount € 600, - beyond, at the request of customers, a total invoice will be sent. Invoices are payable within 10 days of receipt. The payment of individual invoices can be made by the hotel already requested in advance.

10. The late payment of even a bill entitled the hotel, all further and future services to the customers - to adjust. The hotel is a decision thereon without notice.

11. If you stay longer than six days, or an invoice amount of more than € 400, - to the hotel reserves the issue of an interim statement.

12. If the buyer is not also a customer or guest, or if he makes the expense of another, then both are liable jointly and severally.

13. For the attention of the customer specific messages, mail and merchandise deliveries, etc. be treated with great care. The hotel will deliver, hold, and on request - for a fee - forward such. A liability for loss, delay or damage is excluded.

14. Left behind by the customer will only be available on request, risk and expense of the customer. The hotel is obliged to keep such things six months. They are then provided a recognizable value, delivered to the local lost property office.

15. The hotel can refuse to perform his obligations until their due consideration.

16. Cancellations must be submitted in writing.

It has the following deadlines and Cancellation Fees:

Cancellation up to 14 Day prior to arrival - free of charge

14. Day before arrival - 50% of the agreed price

7. Day before arrival - 80% of the agreed price

2 day before arrival - 100% of the agreed price

No-shows or late cancellations will be charged 100%.


1. The provisions of § § 701-703 BGB. A liability is excluded for other reasons, unless the damage was caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the hotel or its agents.

2. the other party is a merchant, he is liable for all contractual obligations, including those of participants or guests, without restriction.


1. Performance and payment is the location of the hotel.

2. Jurisdiction is Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Where a contractor the requirements of § 38 para 1 CCP, and has no general jurisdiction in the Federal Republic of Germany, then the courts at the seat of the hotel.

3. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

4. The headlines come to no physical meaning, they only serve to improve clarity.

As of December / 2008

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